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3-11 March 2024

Oranienburg, Germany

Youth Exchange "My strong mental health"


Participants from Germany,  Latvia, Greece, Czech Republic, Turkey

Mental health problems and psychological distress are important drivers of suicide among adolescents and youngsters in the EU. Over 1 500 15-19 year-olds died of suicide across EU countries in 2019, and most of these deaths were among boys. Despite the relatively low absolute number of suicides among adolescents,
suicide is one of the leading causes of death in this age group.

In 2020, the overall costs related to mental ill-health are estimated to have exceeded 5% of GDP across the 28 EU countries. This equates to more than EUR 680 billion. Studies have found that about 25% of young people between 16 and 24 feel anxiety or stress at least once a day. This is a very important phase of life, where we define personality, finish high school, choose the course, and then finally enter the world of work. In schools or at home, we are not taught to manage our stress, but as an important tool, we should learn to manage it. That is why Youth Line Germany has started developing and associating itself with projects in the areas of mental health, sports, and meditative practices. We believe that there is a set of tools that can help us build and prepare for our future in a sustainable and healthy way for our bodies.


3-11 April 2023

Oranienburg, Germany

Training Course “Empowering our communities”


Participants from Germany, Latvia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Poland, Turkey

A lot depends on the quality of the youth work provided, we know this from the plenty of research and verified data. One of the main objectives of such giant and worldwide recognized programs as Erasmus Plus is to strengthen and improve the quality of it. We have been analysing what is the biggest challenge we are facing as a youth association today. The major issue is that conditions in society and the labour market changed because of the global COVID 19 pandemics, but the approaches in daily youth work did not.

This causes the growth of a gap between the abilities of the European youth and the needs of society and the labour market. This project will help European youth to become better adjusted to the new environment, especially the young adults with fewer opportunities.