Kateryna Shepeliuk, President of Youth Line Family

Our team have participated and organised many initiatives within the field of developing of skills and competences, many of which included young people as participants or target groups but some of which included them as co-organisers, assistants or volunteers as well.

Our team has a network of contacts, gained during these activities, of young people, minorities, as well as youth workers whose specific situation or knowledge can be put to good use within this project.

Moreover we have really positive experience in organising youth projects, we know all the stages and always do everything as effective and responsible as possible. We care about our reputation, about our partners, about our participants and about our donors.

In spite of content of our projects, we spend a lot of recourses for organising and reporting. And surely we are oriented not only to achieve the best results, moreover we tend to share the information about our achievements and to make our results more useful in a long-term perspective.