Riga, Latvia


September 15 – 23, 2018


Participants from Latvia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic and Romania.

ART due to the importance it plays in culture and traditional heritage of the people has been identified as the main tool for achievingthis purpose. We strongly believe that thanks to ART we can effectively contribute to the abatement of prejudices and cultural barriers. For this reason, we thought it would have been a great idea to build a youth
exchange on these topics, including as well the idea of the building of a future Europe based on inclusion and equal opportunities.

The painting is used as mean of communication, through which the youngsters participating will not only be more aware of their cultural diversity, but they will be more able to understand mutually, will feel more close to each other, therefore stimulating in them a feeling of tolerance and solidarity and will also become more aware about their differences and points in common, finding themselves as equal under the shared European heritage, developing in them more awareness about their European citizenship. The art will be as well promoted as an instrument to promote equal rights and inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities.