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May, 1-9, 2023

Figueira da foz, Portugal

Youth Exchange "Fake off"


Participants from Portugal, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Spain

Fake news is a reality and Europe needs our help to stop it. Unfortunately, as fake news continues to grow at a furious rate, threatening the the democracy and credibility of the news and information we see or hear. Online platforms and the Internet in general have opened up new opportunities for communication, discussion and debate and given access to information. At the same time, unreliable or misleading news and information has emerged, distorting reality and reducing trust in the media.

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March, 1-9, 2023

Figueira da foz, Portugal

Youth Exchange "Fighting Hate Speech"


Participants from Portugal, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, The Netherlands

Hate speech struggles are found in all societies, both online and in real life. It can sometimes be difficult to identify when a comment is hate speech –
especially when it is expressed in the virtual world. Trying to deal with overtly hateful content can also seem like an impossible task for young people.
But there are many ways to take a stand, even if you are not personally a victim of hate speech. And you can make a difference.
During the youth exchange, we discussed all aspects of hate speech and developed a mechanism for dealing with it.

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July, 23-31, 2022

Figueira da foz, Portugal

Youth Exchange "Boost your financial literacy"


Participants from Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Spain

  Financial literacy is a core life skill for participating in modern society. Children and youth are growing up in an increasingly complex world where they will eventually need to take charge of their own financial future. There are plenty of decisions involving a financial element throughout a person’s lifetime, be it financing university studies, using payment cards, buying a car in instalments, making investments, taking out a mortgage, taking out insurance or saving for retirement.  The main aim of this Youth Exchange is to improve participants’ knowledge and skills of the youth of Europe in order to empower them to take the right decisions when managing their personal finances.



Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Youth Exchange: European Kitchen


Participants from Portugal, Czech Republic, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Poland and Slovenia.

Finally, after the pandemics, we can implement Erasmus Plus projects! The first one happened in Figueira da Foz during 1-9 May 2022. This was a youth exchange called “European Kitchen”. Youth Line Portugal hosted 35 young adults from 5 European countries. Every day we practised cooking, talked about the connection between nutrition and culture, learned how to eat healthier and of course promoted intercultural dialogue!​


August 21 – 28, 2017

Coimbra, Portugal

Youth Exchange: Positive Practices of Mental Success


Participants from Portugal, Czech Republic, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Poland and Slovenia.


The main aim of the project was to improve studying and working productivity, level of social involvement and leadership, find balance between body and soul by raising mental health and brain capacities of participating youngsters.